Close-up of Rocket Booster

Close-up of Rocket Booster

Close-up of Space Shuttle Rocket Booster being Towed into Port Canaveral, Florida, for refurbishment.
On July 13, 2008, one of the two solid rocket boosters from Space Shuttle Atlantis were towed into Port Canaveral by the NASA ship Liberty Star. When the shuttle launches, the rocket boosters are jettisoned off once the fuel is used up. The boosters land about 100 miles downrange from the launch site. At retrieval NASA Navy divers attach tow lines to the boosters and haul in the parachutes that slowed their descent. At Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, the booster segments are cleaned and then shipped to Utah for storage. Liberty Star was given a special water cannon salute as it sailed into Port Canaveral, Florida.

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