Asian Garden: Screwpine Fruit

Asian Garden: Screwpine Fruit

Asian Garden: Common Screwpine Fruit, Naples Botanical Garden, Naples, Florida.

4 Responses to Asian Garden: Screwpine Fruit

  1. Jeff Carlson says:

    Is this good for anything? Can this be eaten, or does it flower, or only for propagating young?

    • Pam says:

      Surprisingly Pandanus fruit are edible, but can be bitter if not processed properly. It is used more for flavoring, but can also be eaten raw or cooked. It is high in nutrients. After processing it is sometimes spread like butter. The trees provides materials in Oceania for housing, textiles, handicrafts, medication, and more.

  2. Laura says:

    Hi…i live in Trinidad and i have one of these tree growing in my garden. It’s now bearing for the first time and there are 8 huge, beautiful fruits. Does anyone have a link on the fruits itself? Like is it edible…

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