Our Collection of Shells

Our Collection of Shells

Our Collection of Shells from Jupiter Beach, Florida. Seashells collected include hawk-wing conch, lettered olives, lion’s paw, slipper shells, scallops, shark’s eye shells, bonnets, augers, murex, turkey wing shells, jingle shells, bittersweet clams, spiny jewelbox, giant cockles, and angel wing shells. Washed-in coral pieces are on left side.

7 Responses to Our Collection of Shells

  1. eve cox says:

    I just got back from Jupiter along with 2 bags of shells! Just loved the beautiful shells I found.

  2. eve cox says:

    I collected 2 big bags of shells while on the beach at Singer Island. What did you use to identify your shells? I love the peachy ones.
    What a beautiful beach!!

    • Pam says:

      Fantastic! A good introductory guidebook is “Florida’s Fabulous Seashells”. I need to go too! 🙂

    • Pam says:

      I want to add a recommendation to go with my other comment. The absolute best book I have, and a MUST for anyone who loves the beach in Florida, is the book “Florida’s Living Beaches” by Blair Witherington (available on amazon).

  3. Zahra says:

    What beach in Jupiter did you find these beauties

    • Pam says:

      Just north of Blowing Rocks Preserve. Depending on the tides and wind, the shells come in or there is just sand covering everything up. You just never know!

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