Baby Giraffe!

Baby Masai Giraffe Melvin

Baby Masai Giraffe Melvin

Today our local Brevard Zoo announced the birth of a male Masai giraffe six days ago. The baby’s birth weight was 159 pounds! When the baby reaches adulthood, he will be 19 feet tall. Since he is not yet on public display, this picture shows a previous baby giraffe named Melvin by the same parents. More info on the award-winning Brevard Zoo is at:

About Pam
Richard and Pam lived in the San Francisco Bay Area 14 years (1987-1999 and 2008-2011). They lived in Florida 13 years previously, until returning in July 2011 to present. They hope their photography will encourage you to get out and discover nature's beauty in your own backyard, parks, and wild places. Click on any pictures on this blog to see them full size with additional details.

5 Responses to Baby Giraffe!

  1. mrsbearfoot says:

    I’m thinking you’ll be visiting the zoo one of these days… 😉

  2. zannyro says:

    What a beautiful creation 🙂 🙂

  3. You created a handful of excellent items inside your blog, “Baby
    Giraffe! naturetime”. I am going to end up returning to ur webpage soon.
    Thanks a lot -Howard

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