Eastern Screech Owl in Nest Box

Eastern Screech Owl in Nest Box

Eastern Screech Owl in Nest Box, Winegar Backyard, Palm Bay, Florida.

6 Responses to Eastern Screech Owl in Nest Box

  1. Nice! How long did it take before you got owls nesting?

  2. oh wow, tell me more. What month? Year? Did you add bedding for them? Male and female? Did they have chicks yet?

    • Pam says:

      Well I knew from past experience that here in central Florida the owls are always in the nest box by March. I put it up in March, and they moved right in. I used the same bedding that you did – cedar wood shavings. I’m not positive on how many chicks there are – they hide way down in there to stay safe. Once you have owls that successfully nest, they will come back every year to the same place about the same time. With that in mind, I plan on having a wireless mini-cam mounted inside the nest box next year so I can see what’s going on. In the past I had set up a remote-controlled camera, and got pictures of the owls bringing food to the babies (things like spiders, giant bugs, and lizards). I had an interesting owl pair – one was regular color and the other was the red-phase. So pretty!

  3. That’s great Pam, I think I maybe late in getting my box up but I was told that in our area they nest from March to end of June. We have been hearing 4 or more every night and my wife saw one about 200 feet from the box just the other night when she was driving in.

    You are very lucky to have owls. I like the idea of the wireless mini-cam mounted inside. Did you post any of the pictures you took with the owls bringing food and the red-phase owl? I bet the pictures are great!


    • Pam says:

      It might not be too late if they are still looking for a home. If your wife saw an owl, that is an extremely good sign. You usually only see them around dusk. I haven’t posted the pics I mentioned – need to do that. Maybe soon. Best of luck – hoping to hear that your owls took up residence! My favorite story about owls is when (another year) we heard mama owl singing to herself in the nest box as she sat on her eggs – so sweet!

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