Glaumbaejarkirkja (Glaumbaer Church), Northern Iceland

Glaumbaejarkirkja (Glaumbaer Church), Northern Iceland

Glaumbaejarkirkja (Glaumbaer Church), Skagafjordur, Iceland. A beautiful church adjacent to the Glaumbaer Farm/Skagafjordur Folk Museum, located a short distance north of the Vidimyrakirkja Turf Church (north of Reykjavik and south of Akureyri, near the Ring Road). Outside is made of corrugated iron to stand up against the fierce winter wind; previous wooden versions of this church blew away during storms.

2 Responses to Glaumbaejarkirkja (Glaumbaer Church), Northern Iceland


    Beautiful. Do you know who could tell me about the paintings inside the church–who the people are?

    • Pam says:

      It is really worth a visit. Quite fascinating. For details I would suggest either e-mailing or calling the people listed on the website.

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