Extremely Rare “Booger” Bromeliad (Globose guzmania)

Extremely Rare “Booger” Bromeliad (Globose guzmania)

Extremely Rare “Booger” Bromeliad (Globose guzmania), Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Tropical Conservatory, Sarasota, Florida.

September 24, 2014. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

ALERT: Rare plant that we affectionately call the booger bromeliad–on display for limited time!
Note from Bruce Holst, Director of Botany:
An amazing bromeliad that seldom leaves the cool moistness of Research Greenhouse No. 3 is in bloom… and on display in the Tropical Conservatory. The “globose guzmania” (Guzmania globosa) is from cloud forests in northwestern South America, and was originally collected there by former Selby Gardens’ botanist Harry Luther. What makes this bromeliad so amazing is that its flower cluster is covered by thick, oozing mucilage. No one is really sure what the function of the gel is, but it may have something to do with the protection of its flowers from flower-eating animals. It is a #mustsee, and won’t be in the Conservatory long—possibly early next week, the plant requires constant misting so hurry in!
Did you know? Many of the rare and tropical plants on display at Selby Gardens (such as the “globose guzmania”) come from field expeditions that have taken our botanical researchers around the world! Learn more at http://www.selby.org/research/research-conservation-projects.

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