Restored Painting of St. Joseph with Baby Jesus

Restored Painting of St. Joseph with Baby Jesus

Restored Painting of St. Joseph (Mary’s husband) with Baby Jesus at Mission San Juan Capistrano, California. Such a tender and loving scene. Painting is titled “St. Joseph and the Infant”. Historical Display at Mission says: “This is the only painting in the Mission’s collection portraying Christ’s earthly father and Mary’s husband, St. Joseph. This depiction of him embracing his son reminds the viewer of the virtue of a father’s love and devotion.
Obscured by yellowed varnish and dirt, the beautiful detail and vibrancy of this painting were made clear by a recent conservation treatment. To achieve this, conservator Aneta Zebala of Zebala Paintings Conservation carefully cleaned the piece, re-attached the loose paint, flattened out the wrinkled canvas and paint, fastened the canvas to a new support system, and painted in missing areas.

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