Oil Island “Condo” Tower to Conceal Rigging

Oil Island “Condo” Tower to Conceal Rigging

Oil Island “Condo” Tower to Conceal Oil Drilling Rigging, THUMS Oil Island, offshore Long Beach Marina, California. Long Beach is famously known as one of the top five oil fields in the nation. Fake “islands” were created there in 1965 to conceal offshore oil drilling rigs and to enhance the natural beauty of the area. The closest THUMS island (Texaco, Humble, Union, Mobil, and Shell) is located ½ mile offshore. These unique islands were designed by Disneyland architect Joseph Linesch. Each one contains fake buildings to conceal oil rigging machinery and real flowing waterfalls to obscure sound. Each island contains about 300 palm trees and 300 oil wells, and a wealth of marine life surrounds it underwater. The overall effect is so convincing that visitors regularly ask how they can stay there. The islands were named after the four astronauts who died in a capsule fire on a NASA launch pad in 1968 (Grissom, White, Freeman, and Chaffee). The islands celebrated their 50th anniversary of operation in October 2015. You can watch an interesting television show about the islands by Huell Howser of California’s Gold at: https://blogs.chapman.edu/huell-howser-archives/2008/01/10/oil-islands-californias-gold-10002/

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