Charles Schulz Nursery Wall for Daughter in 1951

Charles Schulz Nursery Wall for Daughter in 1951

Charles Schulz Nursery Wall for Daughter in 1951 at Schulz Museum, Petaluma/Santa Rosa, California (north of San Francisco). A history of the wall is described in the display as follows: “Charles Schulz painted this mural in 1951 for his daughter Meredith at the family’s Colorado Springs home. Although Schulz himself thought the painting was “pretty lousy”, the wall reveals a compelling example of the artist’s early work. Charlie Brown and Snoopy are instantly recognizable, and Patty, another original Peanuts member, appears at the far left holding a balloon. After the Schulz family sold their home in 1952, subsequent owners painted over the colorful characters on at least four different occasions. Polly and Stanley Travnicek purchased the home in 1979, with the prior knowledge of the possible treasure lying beneath many layers of old latex. When Polly Travnicek learned from Schulz that he created the mural with oil paints, she bought cans of sanding liquid and mountains of cotton balls and set to work. She attacked the 96-square-foot wall one inch at a time, and remembers the three month long chore fondly. I was so happy. For weeks, I’d rub and say, Where is Charlie Brown? Where is Charlie Brown? I know he’s here somewhere. And finally there he was! For years the Travniceks preserved and shared their treasure with family, friends, and tour groups, but decided that its permanent home should be at the Charles M. Schulz Museum. The wall was removed from the Travnicek’s home in September 2001 and transported to Santa Rosa in a temperature-controlled truck. Upon the wall’s safe arrival, conservators prepared the mural for permanent exhibition by carefully cleaning it and filling in nearly fifty years’ worth of nicks and scratches.

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