Sebastian Beach Collage

Sebastian Beach Collage

Collage of scenes at Sebastian Inlet State Park, Florida. Info and live cam links are available at: Details of the collage clockwise are: (1) upper left – sand dollar with shells and coral sea fan; (2) brown pelican in breeding colors; (3) boardwalk to beach – red flag means high surf and strong currents; purple flag means dangerous marine life like jellyfish; (4) black skimmer; (5) upper right – Sebastian Inlet Fishing Jetty – dark mass on right is a school of fish; (6) Sebastian Inlet Bridge; (7) Sebastian Beach in summer with colorful water; (8) Sebastian Beach with yellow beach evening primrose in foreground; (9) bottom right – beach morning glory, also known as railroad vine; (10) young gopher tortoise; (11) ghost crab; (12) bird – sanderling; (13) bottom left – bird – ruddy turnstone;(14) green sea turtle swimming beside fishing jetty in summer – note barnacles on shell; (15) cannonball jellyfish; and (16) birds facing into the wind – winter flock includes black skimmers, royal terns, and seagulls.

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