Snoopy and NASA in Iceland

Snoopy at Iceland’s Moon Training Grounds

Snoopy at the Blue Lagoon

Snoopy Surfing at Diamond Ice Beach

Snoopy Napping on Black Lava Sand Beach at Jokulsarlon

Vintage 1969 Snoopy NASA Safety Poster

Snoopy’s “Greetings from Mars” T-Shirt at Kennedy Space Center

Snoopy (by Charles Schulz of “Peanuts”) is famous as being a safety mascot for NASA.  Since Snoopy was “First Beagle on the Moon”, he went to Iceland with us in June to see where the astronauts trained for the Apollo moon missions.  NASA is working in Iceland now testing the latest Mars Rover for the upcoming 2020 mission.  Astronaut Snoopy will be a featured balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade this Fall.

Happy 50th Apollo Moon Landing Anniversary from all of us here on the Space Coast of Florida!

If you want to see what Neil Armstrong’s parents said on the day he was confirmed as an astronaut, you can watch a sweet vintage 5 minute video from “I’ve Got a Secret” at:

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Richard and Pam lived in the San Francisco Bay Area 14 years (1987-1999 and 2008-2011). They lived in Florida 13 years previously, until returning in July 2011 to present. They hope their photography will encourage you to get out and discover nature's beauty in your own backyard, parks, and wild places. Click on any pictures on this blog to see them full size with additional details.

15 Responses to Snoopy and NASA in Iceland

  1. A cute share and full of information. I was sure Snoopy was going to be the surprise guest and not the Amstongs.

  2. Wonderful tribute to the anniversary!

    • Pam says:

      We had a moon landing party at work yesterday with vintage 1969 music, clothing, decorations and food (including a jello mold!). It was a blast!

  3. Hello there. Very interesting. I didn’t know that the Apollo astronauts trained in Iceland.

    Neil Scheinin

    • Pam says:

      Hi Neil. Thanks for writing! Yes they trained in several places – the Southwest, Texas, Hawaii, and Iceland among others. The history is fascinating. I learned something new today – moon dust smells like old fireplace ashes or the odor after a fireworks show. Of course the astronauts couldn’t smell it as they walked on the moon because there is no oxygen, but once they got back into the capsule and took off their helmets, the smell was quite distinct. You can read about Apollo training locations at: I love this stuff!

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  5. The Red Baron flies again! 🙂

  6. Backyard Birdlady says:

    I had the opportunity to visit Kennedy Space Center this post August and they’ve done wonders with it since the last time I was there 25 years ago.

    • Pam says:

      Oh yes it is amazing what they’ve done. That space shuttle display is the best one in the whole country. Never fails to inspire.

  7. Backyard Birdlady says:

    Yes it is. That was one of my favorite parts.

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