California: Filoli Gardens in Early Spring

White Flowering Fruit Tree and Daffodils

Cherub and Daffodils

Yellow Daffodils Blooming

White and Orange Daffodil Blooming

Pink Star Tulips

White Narcissus Flowers and Bird Bath

Majestic Tulip Tree in Bloom

Tulip Tree Flower Close-up

Red and White Camellia

Red Velvet Camellia

It seems like ages ago, but in February we enjoyed a trip to Filoli Gardens in Woodside, California (south of San Francisco).  It is one of the most beautiful gardens in the United States!  It is well worth a visit.  More info is at:

California: Spectacular Filoli Gardens!

Birdbath with Pink Camellia Flowers

Layered Delicate Pink Camellia Flower

White Camellia Flower with Yellow Center

Hot Pink Camellia Flower with Yellow Center

Red and White Camellia Flower

Bench by Yellow Daffodils and Red Camellia Tree

Yellow and White Daffodil Pair

Orange and White Daffodil

Field of Yellow Daffodils

Pink Tulip Magnolia Tree and Bench

Pink Tulip Magnolia Tree Flower

Branch of White Magnolia Flowers

White Magnolia Flower Pair

Bunny Statue by Flowering Tulips and Hyacinths

Filoli Gardens (south of San Francisco, California) is spectacular in spring!  The blooming flowers put on a beautiful show.  It is one of the top gardens in the United States and a must-see.  These pictures were taken in February just a week after it opened for the season.  In full bloom already were camellias, daffodils, and magnolia trees.  More info is at:

Filoli Gardens: Spectacular Knot Garden

Filoli Knot Garden Lavenders

Filoli Knot Garden Patterns

Filoli’s Knot Garden is spectacular!  It contains many different types of lavenders, along with lollipop-shaped rosemary bushes.  The patterns, colors, and textures of the garden are especially amazing in summer.  Specific details are at (click once and then click again):  Filoli Knot Garden

Hummingbird Taking a Bath

Anna’s Hummingbirds at Cherub Fountain

Anna’s Hummingbird With Yellow Pollen on Bill

Anna’s Hummingbird Dipping Head into Fountain

Hummingbirds enjoy baths.  Sometimes they will flit in and out of the spray from a garden hose.  One time we watched an Anna’s hummingbird bathe in a cherub fountain at Filoli Gardens.  She dipped her head in the water to wash off the yellow flower pollen.  How sweet!

Filoli Gardens: Roses

Rose Meadow at Filoli Gardens

Pastel Rose at Filoli Gardens

Yellow Rose at Filoli Gardens

Rose Petal Swirl at Filoli Gardens

Roses start blooming in May at Filoli Gardens.  The rose is the national flower of the United States, and a symbol for love and beauty.  There are over 500 kinds of roses at Filoli Gardens!

Filoli Gardens: Spring Bloom

Filoli Clock Tower, Tulips, and Forget-Me-Nots

Filoli Reflecting Pool and Red Tulips

Purple and White Wisteria on Filoli Mansion

Filoli Hyacinths

Filoli Pink Camellia

Filoli Red Camellias

Filoli Red Camellias

Filoli Oak Tree and Red Tulips

Filoli Redbud Tree Blooming

Filoli Redbud Tree Blooming

Filoli Iris

Filoli Gardens is rated one of the top ten formal gardens in the world!  The spring bloom is always gorgeous.  More info is at:

Filoli Gardens: Tulip Time

Filoli Tulips and Reflecting Pool

Filoli Red Tulips

Filoli Pink Tulips

Filoli Yellow/Orange Tulips

It’s tulip time at Filoli Gardens – enjoy the beauty of spring!

Filoli Gardens: One Million Daffodils

Filoli White Daffodils

Filoli Daffodil Close-Up

Filoli Daffodils and Redbud Tree

Filoli Yellow Daffodils

Filoli Daffodil Field

It’s daffodil time at Filoli Gardens!  In spring Filoli showcases over 1 million daffodils, featuring 100 varieties.  Information is at:

Filoli Gardens: Cherubs and Flowers

Filoli Cherub and Daffodils

Filoli Cherub and Silk Tassel Flower Chains

Filoli Cherub Surrounded by Daffodils

Enjoy the beauty of these cherubs and flowers at Filoli Gardens (south of San Francisco) in early spring.

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