Florida: Golden Rain Tree

Golden Rain Trees in Full Bloom

Flower-Covered Ground under Golden Rain Trees

Golden Rain Tree Flower Cluster

Although the calendar says Fall, it feels like spring in Florida.  This Golden Rain Tree was in full bloom last weekend at Bok Tower Gardens.  This gorgeous tree seems to “rain” yellow flowers!

Bok Tower Gardens: Favorite Flamingo and Pelican Carvings

Bok Tower: Flamingo Feeding Time Carving

Bok Tower: Pelicans with Fish Carving

Bok Tower: Pelican Pair Carving

My favorite stone carving on Bok Tower is the one showing feeding time for the flamingos.  The pelican carvings are also wonderful.  It took exceptional skill to carve the pink marble with such exquisite detail. 

Bok Tower Gardens: Beautiful Ceramic Tile Windows

Bok Tower and Palm Trees

Top of Bok Tower

Bok Ceramic Tile: Adam and Eve

Bok Ceramic Tiles: Tree of Life

Tree of Life Closeup with Baboons

Bok Ceramic Tile: Fish

At the top of Bok Tower are mosaic tile windows that encircle the carillon bells.  Each open-air window has a cast-iron filigree base that is covered with ceramic tiles.  The windows all have a Biblical theme.  The middle tile window with a balcony shows Adam and Eve with the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  The top tile windows show the Tree of Life, along with nesting birds, baboons, wood storks, and other wildlife.  These massive windows measure 35 feet tall by 10 feet wide.  The bottom tile windows show creatures that live in the sea.  The detail work on this tower is incredible!

Bok Tower Gardens: Words to Live By

Bok Tower Gardens Entrance

Bok Tower Gardens Quote: Make the World Better

Bok Tower Gardens Quote: Give the World the Best

Bok “What is Blooming” Display

Pansies in the Garden

The “Singing Tower”

Bok Tower (when swans were in the reflecting pond)

Bok Tower Gardens has a wonderful quote over its entrance:  “Make you the world a bit better or more beautiful because you have lived in it”.    A table nearby always shows what is blooming in the garden.  It is a beautiful walk from there to the “Singing Tower” at the top of the hill.

Bok Tower Gardens Bromeliads

Pink Bromeliad

Yellow Bromeliad

Bromeliad "Wall"

Bromeliad "Wall" Close-Up

The bromeliads at Bok Tower Gardens are stunning!  You eat a bromeliad fruit every time you eat a pineapple.

Bok Tower Stone Lantern

Bok Tower Stone Lantern

Bok Stone Lantern Dove

Near Bok Tower is a stone lantern that was given to the sanctuary by a Japanese gardener from Tokyo in 1955. The doves encircling the lantern symbolize the hope for world peace.

Bok Tower Colorful Koi

Bok Tower Koi

Koi Pair

Koi with Orange Spot

Koi with Colorful Eyes

Koi live in the moat surrounding Bok Tower.  They are very colorful!

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