White Alligators with Blue Eyes Smiling!

White Alligator with Smiling Eyes

White Alligator with Crinkled Eyes

Whole White Alligator

White alligators with blue eyes are extremely valuable – they are worth $3 million each!  I stop to see them every time I visit Gatorland in Kissimmee, Florida.  It looks like this gator is smiling!

Egrets, Blue Eggs, and Babies!

Great Egret Breeding Display

Great Egret Sitting on Nest

Great Egret and Blue Eggs

Great Egret and 3 Babies

The great egrets are nesting now in Florida!  The bird rookeries are busy with nesting, eggs, and babies.

Egrets Riding Gators

Great & Snowy Egrets Gator "Surfing"

It is very surprising when you see egrets riding alligators at Gatorland!  The birds must do it VERY carefully.

White Alligators with Blue Eyes

White Alligator with Blue Eyes Front View

White Alligator with Blue Eyes Side View

White Alligator with Blue Eyes Back View

Gatorland in Kissimmee, Florida, has the largest number of white alligators on display in the world!  Their four leucistic alligators have a gene mutation that results in white skin and blue eyes. Only 14 are known to exist (much rarer than albinos). The white gators live inside, so they don’t get a sunburn.  These stunning animals were found as babies in the swamps of Louisiana. Cajun folklore says that anyone who stares into their blue eyes will have good luck.

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