Our Undersea Illusion Reef Garden

Reef Garden View Overall

Reef Garden View of Left Side

Reef Garden View of Right Side

Reef Garden View with Starfish

Reef Garden View with Lobster

Reef Garden View with Big Shell

Reef Garden View with Cactus

Reef Garden View with Abalone Shell

Reef Garden View with Blooming Bromeliad

Reef Garden View with Blooming Bromeliad

Reef Garden View with Fish

Reef Garden View with Fish

Reef Garden View with Swordfish and Pseudorhipsalis Cactus

Reef Garden View with Swordfish and Pseudorhipsalis Cactus

We recently created an Undersea Illusion Reef Garden outside our back door.  It seems appropriate since we live only a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean here in Florida.  We were inspired by a Reef Garden at Heathcote Botanical Gardens in Fort Pierce.  The idea is to use plants and objects in the Reef Garden that remind you of marine life at a coral reef under the sea.  We planted dozens of types of plants, including succulents, aloes, euphorbias, cactus, and bromeliads.  Scattered among the plants are decorative seashells, crabs, and fish.  For “mulch” we used fossilized seashells (available as Flori-Stone from Home Depot or select garden nurseries).  Undersea succulent gardens have been featured nationally at flower shows in San Diego and Philadelphia.  We love our Undersea Illusion Reef Garden – it is one of our favorites!  Another post on our Reef Garden is at:  https://naturetime.wordpress.com/2012/09/23/starfish-flower/

UPDATE:  The last photograph of the Pseudorhipsalis cactus will be published in the Romanian gardening magazine Casa si gradina  in December 2015.

Filoli Gardens: Roses

Rose Meadow at Filoli Gardens

Pastel Rose at Filoli Gardens

Yellow Rose at Filoli Gardens

Rose Petal Swirl at Filoli Gardens

Roses start blooming in May at Filoli Gardens.  The rose is the national flower of the United States, and a symbol for love and beauty.  There are over 500 kinds of roses at Filoli Gardens!

Disney World – Epcot: “Behind-the-Seeds” Tour

Plant Tissue Culture at Epcot

Hydroponics Garden at Epcot

Shrimp Aquaculture at Epcot

World Record Tomato Tree at Epcot

Sign Describing World Record Tomato Tree

Sign Describing World Record Tomato Tree

Foot-Wide Pummelo and 9 Pound Lemon at Epcot

The Behind-the-Seeds Tour at the Disney World – Epcot Land Pavillion is excellent!  A graduate student led our group on an hour-long walk through Disney’s experimental gardens.  We got to see plant tissue culture, hydroponics, aquaculture, and world record setting plants.  The Guinness World Record tomato tree in the garden produced 32,000 tomatoes, with a combined weight of half a ton over one year’s time!  Recently a single lemon in the garden weighed over 9 pounds.  Crops are harvested for use in Disney’s restaurants and hotels.

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